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Is It Safe to Have Tadalafil Tablets If A Man is Under Age? Is It Safe to Take Tadalafil Daily?

Is it safe to have Tadalafil tablets if a man is under age? Is it safe to take tadalafil daily? - Genericmedsupply

Before we understand who can or cannot take Tadalafil and whether it is safe for a person to take it on a daily basis, we must know more about Tadalafil. So, let’s dive right into it.


What is Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is a prescription drug that improves the symptoms of impaired erectile function. It treats a male sexual disorder called Erectile Dysfunction (ED) wherein the natural ability to get and keep an erection firm and hard with sexual stimulation is taken a hit. Men with ED find it troublesome to involuntarily get their penis erect. Inadvertently, ED takes a huge toll on the sex life of couples. Many relationships simply go out for a toss because of erectile dysfunction.

Wouldn’t it be the best thing ever to be able to maintain and sustain an erection whenever one wishes for up to 36 hours? That’s one and a half days of unending adventure and pleasure in the bedroom. Tadalafil offers just that and more. No wonder it’s the favorite “weekend drug” of couples around the world. 


Tadalafil is US FDA-approved. It’s safe to use.


Is ED Reversible?

A little help from Tadalafil goes a long way in improving erectile dysfunction symptoms in men. ED can be treated with the inculcation of proper lifestyle choices, healthy dietary habits, and supplementation of tadalafil tablets in a man’s daily routine.

Tadalafil improves blood flow in the areas of the penile region that cause an erection to occur. Through its enhancement of nitric oxide, Tadalafil relaxes and widens the previously narrowed blood arteries for better inflow of blood directly into the penis. It also helps delay the loss of erection firmness by action on an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5).


Can Underage Boys Take Tadalafil?

No. Never. EverTadalafil is no recreational medicine that can be taken just by anyone. It’s a prescription medicine solely indicated for use in men above 18 years of age only. Let not children or adolescents below 18 years of age get anywhere near to medicine like Tadalafil.  


Is It Safe to Take Tadalafil Daily?

Conventionally, Tadalafil is used when conditions necessitate i.e on an as-needed basis. When an opportunity of engaging in sexual intercourse presents itself, then only then, Tadalafil is taken. An hour before doing the deed is the best time to take it for the best results.

As for whether Tadalafil can be taken daily or not, that you must talk to a doctor about it. Men who suffer from “chronic” erectile dysfunction (when the male genitalia refuses to “grow” on its own even for an inch) are prescribed a low-dose daily intake of Tadalafil. Such prescriptions are rare when conditions are extreme. For a man with “normal ED problems, popping a pill every once in a while before coitus suffices.

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