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What is The Duration of Hair Regrowth Treatment with Finpecia – Finasteride?

Finpecia - Finasteride -

Generic Med Supply provides Finpecia 1mg & Finpecia 5mg which contains Finasteride. Finpecia – Finasteride is a FDA-approved medicine used for the treatment of hair loss in men. Also, sold under the brand name Finpecia / Propecia, finasteride belongs to a class of drugs known as 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. It works by preventing testosterone from breaking down into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone that is thought to cause male pattern baldness.

Finpecia Finasteride 1mg & Finpecia Finasteride 5mg are available in pill form and it is designed for long-standing use. One may not see any significant results until they have been taking the product continuously for a few months. Men who have used Finpecia Finasteride 1mg & 5mg  for the treatment of hair loss, have reported an increase of hair, as well as improvement in quality. It may take up to or more than 3 months to notice the advantage of this medicine. Keeping in mind that Finpecia only works if one keeps consuming it. If one stops using Finpecia, the regrown hair will eventually fall out.

What About Side Effects of Finpecia Finasteride?

The side effect is relatively low, all drugs come with a risk of side effects, and it is important to know the potential risks before taking Finpecia 1mg & Finpecia 5mg.

Men taking Finpecia 1mg & 5mg have reported experiencing rashes, breast tenderness & enlargement, sadness, nervousness, problems with ejaculation, testicular pain, and sexual side effects like erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and lower ejaculate capacity levels. It’s worth noting that these side effects usually disappear once someone stops using the drug.

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