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What Does Testosterone Cypionate Actually Do? –

What Does Testosterone Cypionate Actually Do? -

Testosterone Cypionate is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) medication which is mainly used to treat men with low levels of testosterone. It is a synthetic derivative of testosterone in the form of a soluble ester. It replaces the hormone when the male’s body is unable to produce enough testosterone on its own. Testosterone is a crucial hormone in men’s body development. It helps in stimulating the beginning of puberty in certain men who are late starting puberty naturally. Some physicians recommend Testosterone Cypionate to treat certain types of breast cancer in females. Transgender men use testosterone cypionate for hormone therapy.

Testosterone Cypionate is mainly sold under the brand name Depo-Testosterone among many other brand names.

The physician prescribes Testosterone Cypionate when they upon diagnosing the symptoms of hypogonadism in males. In this condition, men don’t produce enough of the sex hormone called testosterone naturally.

There are mainly two types of Hypogonadim-

Primary hypogonadism- It occurs when the testicles can’t produce enough sex hormone testosterone.

Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism- It occurs when there is damage to parts of the brain (hypothalamus or pituitary gland) that convey the message the testicles to produce testosterone.

Testosterone Cypionate is an injectable prescription medication. The usual dosage unit for most adults who are beginners is about 400-500mg for a 12-week cycle. People who have taken testosterone cypionate in the past can take 600-700 mg for the same course cycle. The half-life of testosterone cypionate is one of the longest among its peers, about 8 days.

Testosterone Cypionate is quite popular with bodybuilders. Bodybuilders use this injectable solution to increase their bulk and muscle mass. And as the results are far quicker than the natural way, more and more bodybuilders are leaning towards using testosterone cypionate now. It is a huge hit in the bodybuilding circuits nowadays.

The solution upon entering the bloodstream works by activating the androgen receptor over time. eventually converting to estradiol. It also activates certain estrogen receptors. The medication is available on the internet on a number of websites without prescription. If you are however going to take it without prescription, at least buy testosterone cypionate from a reputed source. We would highly recommend using to buy testosterone cypionate as you can here at buy testosterone cypionate 250mg/ml at low price to boost your testosterone in your body for muscle gain (body building). The solution that comes is of top quality and not counterfeit as you would find on most websites. Their customer service executives will guide you on the dosage guidelines and every other matter related to your purchase.

Testosterone cypionate is an FDA-approved and regulated medication. The drug was approved by the Food & Drug Administration in the year 1979. It is very important that you take testosterone cypionate only after a prescription and consultation with the doctor. Self- medication of testosterone cypionate is highly discouraged. Without proper care and usage guidelines, it can prove really harmful to our physical and mental well-being. Testosterone cypionate should never be administered to children or pregnant ladies.

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