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Foods That Increase “Size”


The struggle to get “It” bigger is real.

There is no single man in the world who wouldn’t want his “manhood” to be a little longer and bigger. Men take their “inches” very seriously. The internet is filled with forums and products claiming they have the secret to increasing size of the male organ. These claims generally find no basis in science. You would probably harm yourself or lose money in the quest to increase your member size and girth by following such unscientific rhetoric.

Is There a Safe Way to increase the size of your “tool”?

Yes! There is. The secret lies in the food that you eat daily. What you eat affects your body in ways you can not even fathom. Certain foods can help improve blood flow to the wang, increase the testosterone levels, bump up the libido, and enhance the effects of nitric oxide in the body. All these crucial factors contribute towards you having a better, more firm and rigid erections. A firm, erect willy is as good as an extra inch to your genitalia and better than a limp dong on any given day.

Trust us. We know. We hear our ladies.

Although “size” doesn’t really matter to the females (we could be wrong here!), but for guys who really want to achieve the glory of a full erection, we have curated a list of foods that you can consume to increase the size of your male organ. 

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7 Foods That Increase Size

Include the foods mentioned below to your daily diet to get healthier, improve potency, have better and intense orgasms, and a firm and long-lasting boner.

1. Watermelon


Move aside Viagra. Make room for your contender- Watermelon.

Watermelon can easily be called a natural alternative to Viagra tablets. It contains citrulline, an amino acid that can help relax smooth muscles of the blood vessels in the genitalia area. It makes the vessel dilation easier for more blood to get into your meat.

The refreshing fruit high in vitamins and other essential micro-nutrients gives you firm erections. Still, it also has a plethora of other benefits: reducing stress, lowering inflammation, improving your heart health, and giving you a clean and glowing skin.

2. Garlic


Although not good for your breath, including garlic in your meals can give you stronger erections. The herb improves the blood supply to the pelvic region, thereby improving the quality of your erections.

The amino acid present in garlic, called allicin, widens and relaxes the constricted arteries, makes the blood thinner and reduces blood cholesterol and inflammation. It also increases the testosterone levels in your body. Garlic is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs that can get you in the mood real quick.

3. Banana


Banana is a super-food. Loaded with potassium, it lowers the sodium levels in your body and improves smooth blood flow in the pecker. Great to keep high blood pressure levels under control and your overall health.

The super-food prevents the clogging up of the blood arteries, keeping the artery wall relaxed for optimal blood flow through them for a firm erection. It enhances the overall blood circulation in your body and enhances nitric oxide’s effects for better blood regulation.

4. Broccoli


Broccoli dilates blood vessels in the pelvic region. They act as vasodilators. Broccoli also encourages the increased production of testosterone and suppresses estrogens.

Your ability to maintain and sustain an erection during sexual intercourse is greatly improved when you consume broccoli daily. Vitamin C present in Broccoli also reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction in men. For a better boner and better sex, eat broccoli. You’ll thank us later.

5. Eggs


Another super-food to our list, eggs are full of proteins, and a rich source of Vitamin D. Eggs improve fertility, virility, and increase overall sperm count. Men who eat eggs regularly or at least one raw egg per day showed increased testosterone levels. Eggs can boost your performance in bed and bump up your sexual appetite and desire.

They also contain amino acids that help improve your erections. Egg also benefits you by keeping heart ailments away and reducing the chances of male impotence.

6. Honey


You will be doing a favor to your schlong if you take at least a teaspoon of honey every day. Honey benefits us in numerous ways. The effects of nitric oxide are significantly enhanced, which makes it possible for increased and improved blood regulation in the pelvic region, ultimately improving your erections.

It is a natural aphrodisiac containing boron, which helps you get aroused and increase sexual desire. The boron present in honey prevents your testosterone from getting converted into estrogen.

7. Spinach


Spinach boosts blood flow. Rich in nitrates and folic acid, when consumed daily, reduces the chance of any sexual dysfunction. Green vegetables like Spinach are your friend if you want a better and firmer erection. Spinach has an overall positive effect on your erections.

It can also help you tackle erectile dysfunction and save you from embarrassment in the bedroom. Spinach improves and gets you in the mood of sex real quick. Get your daily dose of Spinach as Popeye does!

In addition to these foods, one must also exercise regularly. Physical activity is crucial to get your heart going and blood flowing without any problems. Cut-back on the smoking. Eat less red-meat, their excess intake narrows/ hardens blood arterioles, making it difficult for blood to rush to your schlong.

Including these inexpensive but effective foods to your daily diet will definitely improve your sex life and relationships. Their effects on your “manhood” would be as good as an extra inch to your wang. Regular consumption of these foods will surely give you that extra inch.

Your search for that extra inch gain to your manhood ends here. By eating the foods that increase size regularly for a month, you will definitely notice some gains. Happy binging!

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